Conference articles
Soheil Asgari neshat, Ghasem Najafpour-Darzi, Maedeh Mohammadi، Photosynthesis assisted anaerobic digestion A novel technique for wastewater treatment and highly pure methane production، International congress on technology engineering and science، 2018، Malaysia .
Foozie Sahne, Maedeh Mohammadi, Ghasem Najafpour-Darzi، Biocompatible and biodegradeable drug delivery system for tumor microenvironment-responsive triggered release، International congress on engineering technology and science، 2018، Malaysia .

Afshan Mehrabi, Mostafa Rahimnejad, Maedeh Mohammadi، سنجش الكتروشيميايي و جداسازي داروي ضد سرطان فلوتاميد با استفاده از حسگر الكتروشيميايي كربن شيشه اي، چهارمين همايش ملي علوم و مهندسي جداسازي، 2017، Iran .
Afshan Mehrabi, Mostafa Rahimnejad, Maedeh Mohammadi، Fabrication electrochemical sensor for detection of flutamide and modification it with nanoparticles، ، 2017، Iran .

Ali Matinfar, Ghasem Najafpour-Darzi, Maedeh Mohammadi, Soheil Asgari neshat، FEASIBILITY OF FENTON PROCESS ON COD AND PHOSPHORUS REMOVAL OF CATTLE MANURE EFFLUENT، Linnaeus Eco-Tech 2016، 2016، Sweden .
Mohammad Mahmoodi, Ghasem Najafpour-Darzi, Maedeh Mohammadi، Solid State Fermentation of Fresh Orange Pomaceby as، 5th International Symposium on Fusion of Science Technology، 2016، India .

Maedeh Mohammadi, Mostafa Rahimnejad, Hamed Heydari Fard، Investigation of H2S Separation Methods from Biogas to Supply Clean Fuel Sources، 2th National Conference on Applied Researches in Electrical Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering، 2015، Iran .